Our community currently has five committees composed of residents who volunteer their time to support the Lake Pineloch Village Association and Board of Directors. These volunteers assist in maintaining the high quality of life expected by our residents. Committee meetings are usually held once a month at our office. All residents are welcome to attend these meetings and share ideas, or concerns and ask questions. And, of course, all the committees welcome any resident who wishes to volunteer.

Architecture and Engineering

The goal of this committee is to ensure the integrity of the buildings, common areas, limited common areas and amenities. Our purpose is to assist the Association and individual owners in following our LPVCA documents, Rules and Regulations, established standards and board approved action when considering maintenance, restoration and upgrades to the property. Members: Anne Stevenson, Roger McDonald, Ruth Lane, Rick Snyder and Bruce Peck.

Budget and Finance

The goal of this committee is to ensure that LPVCA is financially secure and that expenses for maintenance, repairs, and improvements are within our budget. Our purpose is to review all financials, including a line-by-line comparison of the Income Statement on a monthly basis. The delinquency report is also reviewed, as are expense requests from other committees. The B&F makes recommendations with regards to the condition of the financials and the operating budget allowances. The B&F holds an annual budget workshop, open to all residents, to compare actual spending in years past, consider all committee and board spending requests. The committee also prepares the proposed budget for the mailing to all residents and possible subsequent approval by the Board. Members: Sandy O'Hern, Anne Stevenson, Andrea Prehn, Dave Hevner, Bruce Peck and Hutson McCorkle.


The goal of this committee is to enrich the lives of LPV residents by the creation of a beautiful botanical oasis within our 30+ acres. To that end we are continually updating the common grounds and building fronts that are in most need of attention. Our challenge is to re-landscape and rejuvenate the entire property as much as the budget allows. Our purpose is to plan for future landscape needs, review resident landscape requests, and advise our property manager on the maintenance and performance of our landscape company. Members: Gayle Johnson, Karen Sterner, William Macguire, Elizabeth Alonso and Diane McCarey.

Resident Relations

The goal of this committee is to build community spirit and welcome new residents to our lovely village. Our purpose is to organize several events each year, which provide opportunities for neighbors to come together to socialize and connect with old friends and new. Most events are held at the lakeside pool because of its beautiful setting. Usually a nominal entrance fee is charged to cover the cost of beverages, main entree, and in some cases live entertainment. Residents are asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share. A second responsibility of our committee is provide new residents with an orientation to our property and our rules and regulations that allow us to coexist in this lovely village together. Members: Susan Storch, Charlene Klinger, Toni Coleman, Michelle Peck, Ellen Hamilton and Gail Peck.


Our purpose is to work closely with Vital Security, who man our main gate 24/7, and with Leland Management Company for the enforcement of our community documents and Rules and Regulations. Our final purpose is to work with all residents to keep a watchful eye on our community. If a resident should see something out of the ordinary or that s/he is just not comfortable with, please do not hesitate to contact the guardhouse 407.843.1232 or the non emergency police 321-235-5300 and make management office aware. Members: Dave Hevner, Dave Peck, Lois Arnold and Jerry Humpreys.

Committee Meeting Minutes / Agendas